While I’m extremely competitive in my quotes, I don’t have set rates I can list here. I like to discuss your needs so I can give you a reliable quote. The quote will vary by several factors.

  1. How complex the software/site is. This determines the time it takes me to learn it all so I can tutorialize it.
  2. How many tutorials we work out would be optimum (often just one).
  3. How we work out compensation – money up front, joint venture, etc. In most cases the client simply pays for a set of tutorials and I deliver them in whatever format needed.

I can tell you I’m much less expensive than my competition, such as DemoWolf (click to see their rates).

With MerchantTutorials.com I started with a joint venture with Miva Merchant. I created tutorials, they promoted them, and we shared in the income. They eventually bought MerchantTutorials.com. I am open to that kind of setup if there is a market.

Future updates depend on how often things change. Most often I simply charge $50 per hour for additional tutorials and new tutorials to replace outdated ones. How long it takes is determined by how dramatic the changes are and how long it takes for me to learn them. Usually it doesn’t take very long.

I hope that makes sense. If you’d like a quote or more information, click the Contact¬†button above. If it’s a subscription system or a paid piece of software, you might send me login info or the software itself so I can play with it a bit. The more information you provide me, the more accurate my quote will be.


TutorialsUnlimited.com Is For Sale

I am no longer doing custom tutorials, so this domain, including the logo, content, etc., is for sale. Contact me at chuck@chucklasker.com with an offer or request for more information.